We Negotiate Lower Mark-Ups For All Products Purchased.

By understanding what motivates food distributors, we position your spend to take advantage of those motives.  This results in lower mark-ups which provides cost savings.  



Advantages To Our Clients: 

Scott Noar, snoar@expensereduction.com, 856-295-1315

A good food service supplier will work hard to gain business and then raise the

mark-up over time. The effect of these higher mark-ups is hard to track since prices can change up and down weekly.

When Expense Reduction Analysts is involved, suppliers compete for your business.
ERA knows how suppliers price
products and motivates them to sharpen their pencils.

  • Improved visibility and control of pricing structure.
  • Lower food costs through lower mark-ups.
  • Less time shopping = more time to focus on other factors critical to your success:
  - Marketing to build the top-line,
  - Managing, training and developing staff, 
  - Standardizing best practices.

Won't The Supplier Raise The Mark-Up Over Time? 

NO!  We regularly conduct audits of the supplier's invoices, including detailed reviews of the supplier's actual product and logistics costs, to insure that your prices are marked-up only as negotiated.​

The Price You Pay is Determined by Three Factors: 

  1. Product Cost to the Distributor
  2. Freight Into Their Warehouse
  3. Mark-Up